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Idle current Gage display value varies among FCUs
Idle current gage measurements vary among FCUs ranging from 0 to 3 Amps. The idle current sample cannot be measured accurately in this low range due to the low level noise inherent to the device. Any reading below the default trigger level is acceptable. 
UPDATE: Firmware update v0.87 compensates for the variance so it should be near 0.
The primary function is to check that large current flows never occur outside the Run cycle.
Example: External short or low resistive path causing unusual current flow through the system such as naked battery lead touching metal gun frame. This can also occur if the brake FET has failed.
In any case, the fuse will blow if it is excessive flow thru the FCU.

If this occurs, you need to pull the battery  and test the FCU separate from the weapon to verify integrity.

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