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WASP model E features
  • AB MOSFET (Dynamic Braking)
  • Sensor driven via sector gear, trigger, and fire selector sensors.
  • Adjustable cycle timing provides overspin precocking capability.
  • Replaceable ATM mini fuse.
  • Removeable Bluetooth v4.0 BLE communications adapter.
  • Robust WASP Controller App. via Android device (Requires Android v4.3 or higher and Bluetooth v4.0 or higher.)
  • Remote control trigger.
  • Rate of Fire RPS / RPM meter.
  • Rounds fired counter and time recording.
  • Selectable Standard or 2 stage trigger.
  • Burst configurable from 1 to 99 rounds.
  • Semi-Only mode option
  • Histogram graphical current flow analysis tool.
  • Configurable alert levels with alarm simulator.
  • Quick load profiles allow storage and optional community sharing of custom configuration data.
  • Multiple weapon management options.
  • Updateable firmware via Bluetooth.
  • Malfunction detection and prevention.
  • Low and Dead Battery alerts.
  • Automatic over current and temp shutdown.
  • 4 onboard sensors - 2x temperature, 1x voltage and 1x current.
  • FCU small enough to fit inside an M4 buffer tube.
  • Drop in replacement for all WASP A, B, and B2 FCU models.
  • 1 year limited warranty

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