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M14 Cutoff Lever DIY modification
M14 Cutoff Lever DIY modification

The M14 kits have a modified cutoff lever included for 2 reasons...
 1. It keeps installation simple. (Install rating changes from 2 to 5  Sad  )
 2. You have the correct part to return the weapon to original operation if you remove the install(doesn't fit, don't want it anymore, etc.)

If you want to modify your own M14 cutoff lever, use a dremel with a cutter tool and make a clean cut and remove the shaded portion shown in the pix. Remember: If you botch it, you own it.

The purpose of the cut prevents the selector bar from engaging the cutoff lever. So, after doing the mod, test that it clears the selector bar. 

.jpg   M14cutofflevermod.jpg (Size: 12.71 KB / Downloads: 279)

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