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B2 or E
OK Boss, You know you are my go to for Mosfets ( God mode products IMO). I'm looking for one for my ICS APE which we have discussed and you have made my dreams come true with the M14 demo but I'm curious as to when the blue tooth models(E) will come out and the price.  I am about to order the V2 B2 for my ICS if the E's aren't scheduled to come out anytime soon. I just need to budget 2 purchases based on price.  My UAR gets serious attention partially due to looks and partially due to the mad trigger response and 3 round burst. A couple people I told about your products said they couldn't find them on Ebay FYI this leads to the next point: You need direct purchases to make it easier to purchase and because my wife can see what I buy on Ebay. Wink I know this should be broken up and posted in like 4 different threads but I'm lazy.........
I understand the ebay issue. Lots of airsofters  don't like ebay. Most of my buyers are first time ebayers. The good news is: I will have the webstore up soon. You have probably noticed the website security features. The E model is going to be on sale when the webstore comes online. The E kit price will be less than $100 with discounts. I also plan to offer a FCU only for anyone wanting to just swap out the older models to save some $$.
 Now to find something smaller than my android tablet to use to monitor it. Have to have an iPhone for work. Sad

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