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WASP B2 kit for M14 sensor testing and operation
I think I just came a little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there a chance of the sensors making it into the components section. I have 2 Wasp B's and am trying to order a Wasp E for my ICS. With the feature list I read about for the E version it sounds like I can save different profiles so no need for a 3'rd Wasp just yet.
It is there. But you will need to modify your cutoff lever as what few levers I have are all gone to kits. New ones wont be in for a while. Its a simple mod to do if you have a dremel with a cutter wheel.
I missed the button to show more than 10 items..... oops.

My Man cave is a tech bench! tools I have. Do you have any instructions on modding the cutoff lever? If not no worries. I can wait a bit.
I got it installed and I'm in love. Only issue I ran into is I need a longer cable than comes with the kit. I have an EBR and its front wired so the included cable is a tad short. Nothing wrong with your kit what so ever I just don't have a standard M14. I'm ordering a couple different cables so see which works best and will report back. May be an option you can add at purchase so they can choose which one they need. Your a God amongst men! You have the BEST kit on the planet!

Edit on the last post. It looks like the cable I already have is 200mm so I ordered the 300mm. That will be plenty long enough. Once it arrives I'll post pictures of the install.
Thanx for the kind words Smile .. The B2 M14 kits include a 300mm and a 150mm cable which allows for 450mm length. What was in yours?
I think I have a 200mm, but I didn't buy the kit only the board. the cable may have been an extra I had lying around. I bought the board when you first released them but I hadn't got around to installing it till the other day. I have mainly been using my ICS CXP APE( mouthful of a name) for the last couple of months. It rips with your B2 installed!

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