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ICS Gearbox
Will the WASP work with the ICS V2 split gearbox. I just got an ICS CXP-APE and YOu know I have to have a WASP in it since I cant have one in my M14...... Wink
I dont have one in hand to try. Main areas of concern are the selector plate design and the trigger board mounting area. Both look standard so yes, 95% probable fit.
I have a milsim this weekend. after that I'll pop the open the lower gearbox and take a pic.
I googled a pic of the gearbox. Looks ok to me. BTW, there is an M14 on the bench  Smile
M14 on in the works!?!?!?!?! You sir are a Scholar and a Saint!
yep, juz tested the prototype this morning, so couple of weeks yet. Works great. Better trigger for DMR role.
cant wait!

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