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WASP Controller App Help Manual
WASP Controller Online Manual

Manual for the Android App
what version uses this controller app? I see something about a wasp e but no information on a wasp e or sales information.
WASP E, will have some up for sale in a week or 2.
I just got my Wasp E in and the Bluetooth app it the BOMB!!!!!!! Did you write it yourself? Also any chance of getting an iPhone version? I know iPhone. But I have to have one for work so that's my phone. I tested the app on my three tablets. It would not function properly on my LG Gpad 7.0 But works great on my LG Tab 8 and Samsung galaxy. Problem is that are huge an not practical for carrying on the field.
i checked the specs on the lg gpad 7. it should work. how did it behave?
ios .... it is one of the reasons for picking bluetooth ble. if theres enuff demand, maybe support older versions. the new ios is fubar
In Profile mode the main screen with the wasp Logo would show and the screen would randomly flash 2" black blocks all over the screen. in landscape mode the screen issues when away but it was just a tan background with the logo and nothing else. with my other two tablets everything worked flawlessly. It was almost like the screen was not big enough to display properly.

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