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APS UAR Install Notes
(05-17-2017, 12:23 AM)heregoeshell Wrote: Figured I'd first applaud you, this is a really nicely run site and I'm enjoying the time and effort you've put into supplying such a wealth of information. I'm considering purchasing the APS UAR specific build, hence the location of this post. I was wondering, considering that in the instructions you mention that failure could occur with overly strong springs or batteries, what the limitations of the spring and batteries would be? If it helps, I'm considering a 30-40+ rps ssg build, potentially up to an m150 or greater spring, depending on how mean I feel like being to my internals. Would this configuration be able to withstand the proposed build? I'm also wondering, since your literature suggests it, where you would suggest putting a second fuse, and potentially what amperage to make it. I am relatively new to the electronic side of the gearbox, and would love some suggestions. Again, thanks for all the effort and time you've put into not only the products, but this forum as well. I'm looking forward to hearing back, and potentially, becoming a consistent customer.

30-40 rps is really fast. I don't recommend a braking MOSFET like the WASP in these setups. It would work but with heavy use, it would shutdown alot due to overheating. To protect a WASP FCU.30, a 25 or 30AMP fast blow fuse on the battery side. Cartridge fuses (like what most AEGs come originally equipped with) will blow faster than the WASP fuse.

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