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Will this work in a High Speed setup?
Will this work in a High Speed setup? 
AB mosfets are not recommended for hispeed because of the extra heat generated by braking. You should use a simple hardwired switching mosfet instead.
Testing shows the WASP operates well for a period, but motor, connectors, and WASP FCU all heat up and the WASP engages overtemp shutoff.
Additional thoughts...
  • One brands hi torque is equivalent to another brand balanced motor. It really does boil down to how much current is demanded by the system, whether or not a sufficient battery is being used, along with proper parts and tech skills. If you are generating rapid heating ( motor, battery, fcu) then something is wrong. A WASP will not destroy a gearbox... improper parts, poor teching and carelessness will.
  • These FCUs will work up to 40 bps before detection issues arise.
  • WASP sensors are Not compatible with DSGs. The design on these gears are significantly different.
  • If you connect a 4S battery to the WASP it will probably smoke. A 4S though described as 3.7V x 4 cells = 14.8V, Lipo cells are typically around 4.2V at full charge meaning 16.8V which exceeds components ratings. This will result in reduced lifetime if not an immediate failure.
  • Underpowering  your AEG may cause a failure. Suppose your gearbox requires 130Amps to pull your M160 spring. If your battery only supplies a burst of 100Amps, then your gearbox just thumps and your lipo dumps 100amps over a 120ms period before a cycle fail is detected or the fuse blows. Had you had a sufficient battery, an initial dump of 130+Amps would have occurred for a couple ms then rapidly fallen off as the motor spun up.
  • Braking: Don't expect gears to somehow magically freeze in position. Dynamic braking depends on the power generated by a freewheeling motor to stop itself along with back tension of the spring. The lower TPA motors will generate less braking than high TPA for similar reasons that a low TPA motor takes longer to spin up to speed (ie weaker magnetic field).

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