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How does this compare to Brand X
Here is the features listed for the WASP...

Eliminates half cycle failures caused by short trigger pulls.
Saves piston springs – Piston always stops at a low tension point so the spring compression is minimized.
Eliminates power transfer losses caused by burnt/carbonated trigger contacts.
Arena rules – Force weapon to semi-auto. Set the WASP burst to 1 and all modes are single shot.
Helps save LIPO from complete discharge damage.

EZ burst setup – simple, no complicated programming required.
20 Amp Slo-blo fuse for added protection. (25Amp for WASP25 version) (30+AMP for WASP B)
Sensor driven – sector gear position sensor always applies the brake at the right time. Everytime. Weapon will always complete a full firing cycle.
Test Mode to help install and verify cable and sensor integrity.
Burst interuption. Releasing trigger ends a burst.
End of cycle cocking delay – simulates disconnector engagement, reducing bump fire effects.
Motor vibrator alerts. Motor will 'buzz' codes.
LED indicators – Indicates run and brake motor controls and offers a visual aid to verify operation.
Hi power, hi effeciency A-B mosfet motor control configuration.
Programmable Fire selector position.
Programmable Burst count 1 to 25 rounds or Full auto
Hi temp shutdown and alert – monitors the WASP FCU for over temperature condition. Prevents weapon from operating until cooldown.
Low battery alert – issues a low battery alarm (Buzz flash) at 90% starting voltage. At 75%, prevents weapon from operating.
Cycle Fail shutoff and alert – safety feature stops motor if gearbox is malfunctioning.

Important Limitations...
There is nothing 'programmable' except the burst count and fire selector position.
It does not monitor motor temperatures. ( I have destroyed many cheap AND expensive motors thru pure determined abuse)
It does not monitor battery temperatures. 
If the fuse blows (or becomes inop) it must be returned for repair / exchange. I strongly suggest a main fuse of same or less value to limit risk to the WASP.
It cannot read the label on your battery, nor will it guess. When a battery is connected, it is treated as fully charged.

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