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Will this work in a _______ gun?
Generally the sensors are designed to fit in original TM stlye gearboxes that the kit is described to fit or the specific platform specified.
There are many platforms and many variations of each. Some are slightly changed by the manufacturers, especially V2 gearbox styles. Chances are if the gearbox uses standard replacement parts, then, it will fit. Special attention should be paid to the trigger mechanism and selector plate.

G36, No - trigger and selector plate differences. Update 5/24/2017: Researching a possible kit. Update 6/6/2017: YES, RedSkullSS did it with an AK Kit.  Check it out here.
AUG, No -The trigger activated fire selector is a problem. Update 5/24/2017: Kit in production - check back soon. Update 6/6/2017: Kits available now.

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