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    My UAR. The original development platform has saw every version I have made. It has held up well with no catastrophic fails yet!
All the UAR quirks are fixed and a 509mm barrel w/ extension is installed.
V3 Sensor w/ custom fire selector and trigger switches.
Big Grin New UAR sensor board. Quick check everything fits ok. 
Use RTV silicon to secure.
Push into place and align.
secure into position while curing - wooden clothes pin would work fine.
I have a Ver 1 with a upgraded gearbox. Nothing is out of standard specs. I just replaced the crap parts and corrected AOE and shimmed. I'm running a high torque motor, a 11.1 2000Mah 15-25c lipo. The only thing I have done that may be an issue is I added a set screw to behind the trigger to take the extra travel out as well as the internal screw on the trigger. Yhis gives me a short non squishy trigger pull and perfect trigger response. see pics.
would need to adjust the screws to the new sensor position.
triggering point     
(04-21-2017, 10:05 AM)admin Wrote: triggering point 

well sounds like it will work just fine then. Sounds like I'm off to eBay!
I want this for my UAR as well! Would this work with a ZCI HI torque (22tpa) with 13:1 Shs gears? I have a m120 spring as well. I pretty much gutted it and rewired it to deans and better wiring. I run this set up semi only.
Where can I buy it or from whom?

Thanks in advance.

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