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WASP B2 Product sheet update - admin - 06-05-2018

WASP B2 product specs have been updated. In brief...

Recommended battery: 2S(7.4V) or 3S(11.1V) capable of safely providing sufficient current to load.
Operating voltage: 6VDC to 16VDC (3S LIPO max)
Current use at 10VDC :Active 25mA peak, Inactive 310uA average
Maximum operating speed: 40 bbs per second. (2400 BPM)
Approximate Dimensions
Length: 42mm plus 58mm motor connector – 100mm overall
Width: 14mm
Thickness: 10.2mm
Weight: 10.8g
On resistance*: less than 2.2mΩ
Max current rating*: 240A 30-100ms or 80A 150ms-5sec
Internal cutoff temperature: 71C / 160F
* Typical performance range with a 40amp miniblade external fuse @ 25deg C.