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by Redskullss at 05-28-2017, 09:39 AM
Hello everyone I recently joined the forum after buying a wasp v3 and installed it in a echo1 g36c. After talking to the Admin I thought I should share my experience on installing this in a g36 as the kit is for the ak family of guns. The install for it is basically the same as is for the AK the trigger and all the switches lined up perfect the only thing I had to modify was the selector plate. Yours might be different but all I had to do was elongate the channel the selector sensor slides against to have enough room between semi and full auto. All that is required is a Dremmel and then test fit it while in test mode make sure the switch turns on and off here's a picture of the mod
and a few with it installed
After putting it all back together you may have to swap the semi and full positions by making sure you are in the full auto position when you set up the burst function just hold down on the program button and set your burst or full auto and let go. As for performance this works amazing for the price I'm shooting around 375 with.25 bbs at 20 to 25 rounds a second that's with a 11.1v 3000mah 20C battery, a frankentorque motor, m120 spring, stock piston and hurricane compression parts. I will definitely be getting more of these and see what else I can put them in.
by admin at 05-25-2017, 12:02 PM
90 Day Limited warranty for original consumers in the United States of America.

This product is warranted to the original consumer purchaser against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days. Go to or contact to obtain service.

Proof of purchase from an authorized re-seller required to obtain warranty service.
Warranty does not cover damage due to accident, alteration, abuse, neglect, improper installs, or purpose which the product was not designed for, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use or other consequential damages.
by admin at 05-24-2017, 04:03 PM
AUG kit sales coming soon

FCU mounted behind retainer plate. PGM switch can be accessed using a pencil or similar if you wanted to change the burst count.
by LordSmack at 05-19-2017, 07:11 PM
I have the Wasp-b with UAR components. I installed per your excellent tutorial and tested the sensors as I went. Everything is installed correctly until I went to test it sans ho-pup/ barrel. I successfully got the gearbox to cycle 3 times in single shot then nothing. I was going to check my sensor wiring but the unit no longer shows any power/ activity lights.  I was testing with a 7.4 lipo(fully Charged). I grabbed another battery but the unit still did not function. Plugged batteries in to my M4 DMR and they worked. I checked them with a volt meter and they are good. Just to make sure my gearbox or motor was somehow not causing a problem I grabbed my ole Merf 3.2 and tested ( I just bridged the trigger wires for the Merf ) and my UAR jumped to life and the gearbox cycled with no issues. I let the WASP sit for 30 minutes for the Hell of it and re-plugged it in and nothing. Is there an RMA procedure to follow.  I bought it off Ebay if that matters.
by admin at 05-18-2017, 09:43 AM
Plenty of room for a larger battery. Only issue was the tiny screw mount hole for the gearbox sensor was slightly undersize. Tapped out the hole for a good fit.
by admin at 05-15-2017, 12:21 PM
Some install problems occur because of improperly mating connectors. Sometimes the pins may get pushed downward and cause an insecure contact. If the connectors don't go together easily, chances are 1 or more pins are out of alignment. Lifting the pin back into position with the thin blade of an exacto knife works fine.
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by LordSmack at 05-09-2017, 12:13 AM
I noticed that the WASP has LIPO protection but different voltage LIPO's  require different tolerances. i.e. I am currently using a Gate MERF 3.2 When set to 7.4 in the programming my 11.1 will not function and I get a warning. the same vice versa. How does the WASP handle this? I ask because I just ordered one for my UAR and I use a permanently installed 11.1 in the upper receiver and I don't want it exploding from being over drained however unlikely. I could not find a supported battery list.
by admin at 05-06-2017, 10:30 AM
AEG diagrams
thanx to Whiting for the link
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