Fire Control System
An AEG enhancement device
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The WASP FCS is a AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) fire control system. The WASP is a sensor driven, AB MOSFET (Active Braking) high efficient motor controller. The WASP utilizes a gear position sensor to reliably and consistently maintain gearbox operation. The WASP differs from most AEG controllers devices because it relies on hard sensor data instead of elaborate guesstimating firmware or overly complex timing and setup programs. The WASP also incorporates trigger and selector switch sensors to replace various related mechanical springs and levers. Malfunction detection and protection are also included.
Programming the WASP is SIMPLE!! No phone apps, no special programmers or elaborate sequences to remember.
WASP FCS kits are offered for use in TM standard V2 gearbox (various M4 / M16 platforms) and V3 gearbox (AK platforms) in most any battery storage location. An APS UAR kit is also available.
WASP FCS kits require weapon disassembly, gearbox disassembly, and power cable replacement or modification. Qualified AEG technician installation recommended.